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All entrees served with green salad and red and mint sauces
Banquet Platter£8.50Add +Chef's fine selection of harrey tikka (minty chicken), lamb tikka, fish kola and vegetable samosas. For two
Vegetarian Platter£7.50Add +Vegetable samosas, aloo chops, onion bhajis and garlic mushrooms. For two
Samosa£3.20Add +Triangular shaped savoury pastry filled with spicy minced lamb or freshly mixed vegetables
Onion Bhaji£3.20Add +Classic onion fritters immersed with gram flour and fragrant spices
Aloo Chop£3.20Add +Lightly spiced boiled potato roundels mixed with onions, garlic and cashew nuts; battered and deep fried
Garlic Mushroom£3.75Add +Closed cup mushrooms stuffed with garlic, onions, herbs, spices, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, deep fried in breadcrumbs
Chicken Pakora£3.50Add +Chicken fillets dipped in light spices, battered and deep fried
Chat Masala (Aloo/Chicken)£3.20Add +Stir-fried in a truly authentic chat masala sauce to import the spicy sour flavour to cubes of aloo or chicken
Puree (Prawn/King Prawn)£3.85Add +Cooked in a very light spiced thick gravy, then wrapped up in a puree bread
King Prawn Butterfly£4.50Add +Marinated in light spices and deep fried in bread crumbs
Tandoori Chicken£3.70Add +Spring chicken on the bone marinated in a mixture of yogurt and spices, then grilled in the tandoori oven
Tikka£3.50Add +Boneless chicken/lamb marinated in a yogurt, fresh lemon juice, garlic, ginger and spices; then barbecued in the tandoor
Sheek Kebab£3.50Add +Minced lamb infused with fresh herbs and a variety of aromatic spices, skewered and cooked in the tandoor
Shami Kebab£3.50Add +Meltingly soft patty of lamb, lightly infused with Bengal spies, pan fried to perfection
Moghul Lamb Chops£4.50Add +Lamb chops marinated with herbs and spices in our homemade yogurt sauce and barbecued in the tandoor
Mixed Starter£4.50Add +Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhaji
Salmom Dil Tikka£4.95Add +Salmon infused with dill, parsley and light spices; grilled in the tandoor
Scallops Puree£5.50Add +Medium spiced scallops cooked with garlic, onions, fresh coriander; wrapped in a puree bread
Fish Kola£3.75Add +Minced fish (Coley) cooked with onions, garlic, cashew nuts, green chilli and fresh coriander; wrapped in pastry and deep fried
Mysore Chilli Chicken£4.20Add +Light battered fried chicken pieces tossed with red onions, curry leaves, yogurt and a few slices of green chilli
Signatures Dishes
Tawa Murgh£7.90Add +Chicken breast massaged in our white wine onion and garlic sauce, then simmered in a spicy yet sweet tomato gravy with delicate spices and coriander. Served in a tawa (griddle pan) sprinkled with salad and cheese
Kattamitta Chicken/Lamb£8.95Add +Sizzling chicken or lamb cooked in a sweet yet spicy tamarind sauce bursting with aromas and flavours of spices and herbs. A fresh and flavourful dish with a slight kick in the finish! A must try
Flambe Chicken/Lamb£9.65Add +Marinated in red wine with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and flambeed in brandy. Served in a hot cast iron sizzler
Chicken Rezela£7.50Add +Fine stripes of chicken fillet tossed in medium spiced garlic butter ghee, then cooked with fresh onions, capsicum and ginger. A classic dish with spices and flavours that dance on the palate
Flaming Juliet£8.90Add +A stir-fry dish with succulent pieces of chicken marinated in chef's special spices, then roasted with capsicum & onions in the tandoor; finally flambeed in brandy in a cast iron skillet
Chicken Manchuri£7.90Add +Succulent pieces of pre-marinated chicken delicately flavoured with an exotic blend of spices and herbs, topped with onions and capsicum. This dish produces a unique taste of sweet and sourness from onions and lemon juice
Agni Karahi Chicken/Lamb£10.50Add +An authentic preparation of karahi, flavoured with flaming sambuca, garnished with fresh tomatoes and green peppers. A fairly hot dish with green chillies and diced garlic that really excites the taste buds
Deshi Lamb Chops£9.95Add +A highly recommended dish; melting in the mouth spring lamb chops cooked in a medium spiced thick sauce with fried onions and fresh coriander
Charisma Chicken (n)£8.90Add +Chicken fillet stuffed with minced lamb, pak choi, cashew nuts, garlic and ginger grilled in the tandoor, then served in our makhani sauce
Murgh Shajahani£8.50Add +Spring chicken on the bone marinated in garlic and ginger sauce, then grilled in the tandoor, finally simmered in our apricot flavoured tomato and onion sauce with delicate spices
Goan Fish Curry£8.95Add +A light, coconutty curry from south-west India, that delivers everything a curry should - layers of flavour, depth, tartness and a hint of sweetness from the onions and coconut
Chef's Recommendations
Tikka Masala (n)£7.50Add +This great British favourite is always bursting full of flavour and colour with mild spicy creamy finish. Our tikka masala is a rich tomato sauce topped with cream and almonds
Passanda (n)£8.50Add +Cooked with sultanas, almonds and pistachios in a delicious almond liquor flavoured creamy sauce. A very mild dish with an enhanced flavour of fragrant spices
Korai£7.50Add +Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a medium hot paste of dry roasted spices coupled with chunks of onions, peppers, tomatoes, coriander and methi leaves and served in a cast of iron skillet
Murgh Makhani (n)£7.50Add +This dish is among the best known Indian dishes all over the world. Chicken cooked in a mild spiced creamy sauce with butter, almonds, cashew nut, pistachios and homemade yogurt. A definite order
Batak Salon£9.50Add +A family dish expressing a smooth aroma and flavour of barbecued duck breast. Cooked in our thick medium spiced bhuna sauce with onions, tomatoes, fresh chillies, capsicum with touch of garlic
Beef Shatkora£8.50Add +A Sylheti home style dish delivering the true essence of Bangladeshi Shatkora (flavourful citrus fruit grown only in Sylhet). Cooked with garam mesala and spices
Gosht Kodu£7.95Add +A popular Bengail family choice. Lamb cooked in our home recipe with pumpkin, ajwan seeds, mustard seeds and fresh coriander
Jalfrezi (hot)£7.50Add +Cooked in an exotic blend of stone ground spices with green chillies, onions, peppers, garlic and ginger
Garlic Chilli Chicken£7.50Add +A classic lovable dish for all garlic and chilli fans. Tender chicken breast cooked with cloves of garlic, green chillies, tamarind, lemon and fresh coriander (medium hot)
Achari (Chicken/Lamb)£7.90Add +A dish made in heaven pleasing the palate with a gently tangy flavour yet sweet touch. Cooked in our unique hot and sour sauce bursting with flavours of pickling spices
Bengal Fish Delight£7.50Add +Pangasius (fresh water catfish) originating from Bangladeshi rivers marinated in turmeric, and gently cooked in a medium spiced sauce with mustard seed, onions and coriander
Neel Giree Murgh£7.95Add +Chicken breast cooked in an aromatic minty flavoured coconut sauce with fresh coriander, cashew nuts and a slight touch of green chilli. This gives a subtle sweetness of coconut while the green chillies give a slight touch spiciness without being too hot
Naga Chicken/Lamb£7.50Add +A delicious spicy hot dish bursting with the flavours of well known naga chilli. Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with naga chillie paste, fresh coriander, garam masala and onions. A must try for lovers of hot food with an extra kick (medium hot)
Peri Peri King Prawn Jalfrezi£10.75Add +Char grilled king prawns cooked in an exotic blend of stone ground spices with fiery chillies, onions, peppers, garlic and ginger (medium hot)
Balti Specialties
A modern day classic flavoursome dish with intense aromas of exotic spices with a pleasant touch of tanginess in the finish! Balti is the name of a Pakistani style of cooking, as well as the utensil in which the food is both cooked and served. The balti pan is actually a cast-iron made small, flat-bottomed, two-handled wok.
Mega Balti£11.95Add +A regal assortment of lamb, chicken and tiger prawns cooked in our balti sauce
Balti King Prawn Methi£10.95Add +Cooked in balti sauce with fenugreek leaves which produce a slightly sweet, nutty flavour
Balti Achari (Chicken/Lamb)£9.10Add +Balti sauce and achati sauce married to produce a special flavoured sauce which has a good balance of tanginess and sweetness. Absolutely delicious
Balti Murgh Masala£8.75Add +Curry addict's favourite - diced chicken with minced lamb and fried boiled egg in a fairly hot balti sauce (medium hot)
Balti Tikka Masala (n)£7.95Add +Our famous masala sauce perfectly intermingled with balti sauce to produce a special creamy buttery sauce.This is one of the most tasteful mild dishes
Balti Passanda (n)£8.50Add +Our balti sauce merged with ground almonds, garlic, ginger, cayenne chilli, dry roasted whole spices to create this unique tasting delight
Balti Dupiaza£7.95Add +The chunks of fried onion accompanied with dozens of spices make this modern classic dish very fresh and tasty. This dish is spicy, but not hot
Balti Bhuna£7.95Add +This is the editor's choice of curry. This medium hot dish is full of flavour and is thoroughly garnished with onions, garlic, tomatoes and a few selected spices. A must try
Balti Jalfrezi£7.95Add +Cooked in balti sauce with garam masala, coriander, cumin, green chilli, peppers and onions. The chillies make the dish taste very fresh, and also make it one of the hotter curries on the menu (medium hot)
Balti Garlic£7.95Add +A really authentic tasting dish cooked in balti sauce with garlic, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh coriander and freshly ground spices
Balti Chat£7.95Add +Balti sauce intertwined in an authentic spicy yet sour chat masala sauce to engross the meat with a spicy flavour
Balti Rezala£7.95Add +Cooked in balti sauce with fresh chillies, green peppers, garlic and ground punch puron mixed. You would definitely develop a love for the smell of this dish all of the time
Clay Oven Specialities
Tandoori dishes are grilled on charcoal in a special tandoor (clay oven). A dry dish well flavoured, but not too hot. All our tandoori dishes are served with green salad and accompanying sauces. Please remain patient when ordering our tandoori dishes as they take a little longer than the curry dishes
Tikka Main£6.50Add +Tender pieces of chicken or lambs marinated with a delicate blend of ground spices in our coriander and ginger flavoured yoghurt marinade - barbecued in the tandoori
Malai Tikka (n)£6.75Add +Diced chicken marinated with a mild selection of spices in our unique creamy cashew nuts paste - barbecued in the tandoori. A perfect dish for the beginners, and much more loved by the curry Connoisseur
Tandoori (Chicken / King Prawn)£6.25Add +An option of spring chicken on the bone or king prawns marinated with our traditional blend of aromatic herbs and spices in a special homemade paste - barbecued in the tandoori
Shashlik (Chicken / Lamb / King Prawn)£7.50Add +An option of succulent pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawns marinated with our exquisite tandoori spices in a subtle yogurt based sauce, garnished with onions, capsicum and tomatoes, then slow cooked in the tandoor. This dish delights the nose with the herbal aromas while the palate is being entertained with the juicy flavours of exotic spices
Paneer Shashlik£6.90Add +Grilled chunks of homemade cottage cheese lightly spiced and cooked in the tandoor with onions, tomatoes and peppers
Harrey Tikka£7.75Add +Diced chicken breast marinated in our mint flavoured green sauce consisting of fresh green herbs, garlic, ginger and green chilli. Surprisingly refreshing to the palate
Moghul Lamb Chops£9.50Add +Lamb chops marinated with our homemade ground herbs and spices in natural yoghurt sauce and grilled in the tandoori. A must try that melts in the mouth
Tandoori Mixed Grill£12.95Add +Lamb tikka, lamb chop, malai tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and king prawn served in a cast iron sizzler. A gorgeous feast for a king
Salmon Shashlik£8.95Add +Salmon fillets marinated in special spices and garnished with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and grilled in the tandoori oven.
Piri Piri Trout£7.50Add +Whole trout (on the bone) marinated in our "piri piri" sauce with garlic and ginger and cooked in the clay oven
Tandoor Ka Sea Bass£12.95Add +Fillets of sea bass marinated with fresh spices and herbs, grilled in the tandoor and served with fried onion and spicy mash potato
A biryani is a delicately spiced dish that has layers of Basmati rice and another main ingredient (being either meat or seafood or vegetables). The biryani dish arrived in India when the Moghuls invaded the North of India, way back in the 15th century. A biryani is typically made in an enclosed container so that the rice is cooked while absorbing all of the spiced liquid. Our biryani dishes are garnished with sliced eggs and fried onions, and served with a vegetable curry
Special Biryani £10.50Add +Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn
King Prawn Biryani£9.95Add +Seasoned rice dish with prawn
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani£8.50Add +Seasoned rice dish with chicken tikka or lamb tikka
Chicken/Lamb/Prawn Biryani£7.50Add +Seasoned rice dish with your choice of chicken, lamb or prawn
Vegetable Biryani£6.95Add +Seasoned rice dish with vegetables
Traditional Favourites
Curry£5.50Add +A lightly spiced runny sauce with tomatoes and onions
Madras£5.50Add +A fiery hot chilli tomato based sauce that tingles the tongue with its rich flavours (medium hot)
Vindaloo£5.50Add +A very hot highly spiced dish with onions and garlic, containing potatoes. Not a dish for the faint hearted or those with delicate taste buds, but very popular with 'the Lads' after several lagers at the local (very hot)
Bhuna£5.50Add +A well spiced curry with a medium strength thick sauce that just clings to the meat and delivers a rich and pungent flavour of various pan-fried spices.
Korma (n)£5.50Add +A mild coconutty almonds nda cashew nuts flavoured sauce with a rich blend of fresh cream. A delicious mild curry that is a feast for the palate
Dupiaza£5.50Add +A perfectly blended medium hot curry with chunks of fried onions and garlic. The extra onions coupled with dozens of spices make this dish very tasty and provide a delight for the taste-buds
Dhansak£5.50Add +Our dhansak is a blend of Persian and Gujarati food that is cooked with lentils; fairly hot, sweet and sour. Best eaten with chapatti
Sagwala£5.50Add +Sag dishes are well cooked curries with spinach in a thick gravy. A slice of Indian food heaven for the North West Frontier
Pathia£5.50Add +A reasonably hot, sweet and sour, well spiced curry - cooked in buttered thick gravy. The sourness comes from fresh lemon juice
Methi£5.50Add +Cooked in a well balanced medium hot thick gravy with fenugreek leaves which add a wonderful aroma and slight peppery flavour to the dish
Rogon Josh£5.50Add +A medium hot curry infused with kashmiri herbs and spices, fresh coriander, tomatoes and a touch of garlic. This classic dish is very healthy and low in fat
Malaya (n)£5.50Add +A fruity mild dish cooked with garlic, ginger and other spices in a rich creamy yoghurt sauce; garnished with pineapple and lychees
Keema Matar£6.50Add +A lovely, deeply flavoured North Indian favourite that is cooked in a thick spicy sauce with fresh minced lamb, fresh chillies and garden peas. This dry curry dish goes well with roti and paratha
Vegetarian Main Courses
Balti Sabzi£6.50Add +Fresh vegetables cooked in our really tasty and tangy balti sauce
Karai Paneer£6.75Add +Cubes of homemade cottage cheese in coarsely ground roasted spices with onions, peppers, tomatoes, coriander and methi patha
Paneer Tikka Masala (n)£6.75Add +Barbecued paneer tikka cooked in our delicious masala sauce (a rich creamy tomato sauce
Dall Makhani (n)£6.55Add +Red kidney beans and black lentils slowly cooked in a rich creamy butter sauce with mild spices, almonds and pistachios. Very scrumptious
Kashmiri Choto Aloo£5.95Add +Baby potatoes stuffed with parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes and sultanas, then simmered in nutmeg flavoured onion nda tomato gravy
Sabzi Tandoori£5.50Add +A fresh selection of onions, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, okra, sweet pumpkin and sweetcorn soaked in our tandoori marinade; grilled in the tandoori and finally glazed in a medium strength sauce
Bagare Beguni£5.50Add +Eggplant simmered in a tamarind, peanut and coconut gravy
Traditional Veggie Main£4.75Add +All our traditional dishes (choice of madras, vindaloo, rogon, bhuna, pathia or dhansak) cooked with fresh vegetables as a main course.
Vegetable Sides
Aloo Banda£3.55Add +Potatoes and cabbage cooked with mustard seeds and curry leaves in a traditional cinnamon flavoured onion and garlic sauce
Brogovi Bhaja£3.20Add +Brocolli cooked with onions, red peppers and light spices
Mutter Paneer (n)£3.20Add +Fresh Garden peas and paneer cheese cooked in a creamy sauce with mild spices
Sag Paneer£3.20Add +Spinach and paneer cheese cooked with onions and garlic in a tomato sauce
Sag Aloo£2.90Add +Spinach and potatoes cooked with onions, garlic and cumin seeds
Mixed Vegetable Curry£2.90Add +Selection of fresh vegetables cooked in a medium curry sauce
Mushroom Bhaji£2.90Add +Button mushrooms sauteed with onions, tomato sauce and mixed spices
Brinjal Bhaji£2.90Add +Cubes of aubergine cooked with tomatoes, onions and fresh coriander leaves
Cauliflower Bhaji£2.90Add +Cauliflower dry cooked with onions, garlic and mixed spices
Bindi Bhaji£2.90Add +Fresh garden okars (edible green pods) sauteed with special spices and onions
Niramish Bhaji£2.90Add +Mixed vegetables dry cooked with onions, garlic and fragrant spices
Sag Bhaji£2.90Add +Spinach gently cooked with onions and garlic
Chana Masala£2.90Add +Chickpeas cooked in an onion and tomato sauce, tempered with special spices
Bombay Aloo£2.90Add +Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fresh coriander leaves
Aloo Gobi Jeera£2.90Add +Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fresh coriander
Tarka Dall£2.90Add +Yellow lentils tempered with garlic, tomatoes and fresh herbs
Dall Samba£2.90Add +Spicy lentils with mixed vegetables
Crispy Potatoes£2.90Add +Thinly sliced potatoes, dusted with chat masala and dried mango powder, then deep fried
Plain Rice£2.10Add +Plain Basmati rice boiled in aromatic water
Pilau Rice£2.40Add +Basmati rice cooked with saffron and aromatic spices
Special Rice£2.90Add +Rice fried with egg, peas and onions
Mushroom Pilau£2.90Add +Rice fried with mushrooms onions, garlic and light spices
Onion Garlic Rice£2.90Add +
Keema Rice£3.10Add +Spiced minced meat
Lemon Rice£2.90Add +Basmati rice cooked with lemon
Coconut Rice£2.90Add +Basmati rice cooked with coconut
Cashew Nut Rice (n)£3.25Add +Basmati rice cooked with cashew nut
Vegetable Rice£2.90Add +Basmati rice cooked with onions, garlic and fresh vegetables
Fruity Rice£2.90Add +Choice of pineapple, banana or apricot, cooked with onions, garlic and light spices
Allergy Advice: All breads contain wheat & gluten
Naan £1.85Add +Whole wheat flour bread baked in the tandoori oven
Peshwari Naan (n)£2.20Add +Stuffed with coconut, almond and sultanas
Keema Naan£2.60Add +Stuffed with spiced minced meat
Kulcha Naan£2.30Add +Stuffed with spiced mixed vegetables
Garlic Naan£2.20Add +Naan stuffed with chopped garlic baked in the tandoori
Roti£1.70Add +Whole wheat flour thick bread baked in the tandoori
Cheese Garlic Naan/Cheese Chilli Naan£2.55Add +Stuffed with cheese, onions, chilli and coriander
Chapatti£1.30Add +Whole wheat thin dough bread baked in the tawa (Indian baking pan)
Paratha£1.95Add +Whole wheat flour multi-layered bread pan-fried in butter ghee
Stuffed Paratha/Mint Chilli Paratha£2.75Add +Stuffed with fresh vegetables or flavoured with mint chilli
Puree£1.30Add +Deep fried whole wheat flour puffed bread
Raita a cooling, salty yoghurt dip used as a condiment to temper the heat in spicy dishes
Plain Raita£1.90Add +Spring onions and lettuce
Mixed Raita£2.10Add +Spring onions, carrots and cucumber
Green Salad£1.85Add +Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, carrots and cucumber
Spicy Green Salad£2.10Add +Cabbage, jalapeno peppers, red onions, carrots and cucumber
Chips£1.95Add +
Wine & Drinks
Bottles(Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade)£3.00Add +1.5ltr
Cobra Beer£4.95Add +660ml
Kingfisher£4.95Add +660ml
Magners Apple Cider£3.25Add +568ml
Crabbies Ginger Beer£2.50Add +
House White Wine£10.50Add +Dry, smooth wine with a ripe fruit flavour, fresh and clean finish
House Red Wine£10.50Add +Dark and brooding in colour, this aromatic red is a juicy mouthful of sweetly ripe blackberry fruitiness, its rusticity tempered by a twist of damsony acidity
Ferrero Rocher
£4.25Add +
World famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with Ferrero Rocher
Cadbury's Flake
£4.25Add +
Elegant glass filled with dairy ice cream layered with thick chocolate sauce and Cadbury's Flake
£4.25Add +
Vanilla and caramel ice cream with chocolate balls, toffee pieces and caramel sauce
Chocolate Mousse
£4.95Add +
Chocolate ice cream mousse topped with chocolate and icecream
Strawberry Flute
£3.95Add +
Luxury vanilla and strawberry ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce. Presented in a unique glass.
Toffee Twilight
£3.95Add +
A combination of dairy toffee and vanilla ice creams swirled with toffee sauce and topped with toffee pieces
Midnight Mint
£3.95Add +
Luxurious dreamy mint flavoured icce cream in pot, ripples with gorgeous chocolate sauce, topped with curls
Matka Kulfi
£3.95Add +
Creamy and luscious dessert made with pistachio kulfi ice cream, containing saffron, topped with almond and pistachio nuts
Coconut Supreme
£3.50Add +
Cool and delicious coconut ice cream packet into real half coconut shell
Orange Surprise
£3.75Add +
Whole orange scooped and refilled with tangy sorbet
Lemon Surprise
£3.75Add +
Whole lemon scooped and refilled with tangy sorbet
£2.95Add +
Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk, nuts and fruits. Choice of mango or pistachio flavours
£2.95Add +
Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy
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